Intense Soothing Sensitive Mask

Intense Soothing Sensitive Mask
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Instant Soothing!

Intense Soothing Sensitive Mask is a new type of intensive care approach for sensitive skin, an instant soothing and cooling of skin irritation caused by peeling treatments such as medical microdermabrasion, glycolic and acid peel, sun burns, prolonged standing and extensive workouts. This mask gives irritated skin an instant calming and soothing comfort, while protecting against dehydration. Also useful to replenish skin after tanning treatments, and outdoor activities that might cause sun damage.

For sensitive skin, post peels, sunburns.

Instant soothing mask

Mediderm developed applications utilizing a powerful synergistic combination of herbal, and medicinal plant extracts with latest Nanotechnology delivery systems as topical skin applications. Their reputation is built on the exclusive use of high end and top quality ingredients in its products and pharmaceutical GMP protocols to ensure premium quality, freshness and purity of products.

Since Mediderm takes an integrative approach to skin care, all of our formulations contain accelerated concentrations of multiple advanced ingredients (patent pending) shown to correct and prevent the visible signs of aging skin and many other skin problems and conditions. Mediderm not only uses the most advanced raw materials from US and Europe but also do invent their own complexes, peptides and actives, a thing that none of other manufacturers are equipped to do, Mediderm is a leader not a follower.

All products on Beauty Beverly Hills consist of the best anti aging secrets you'll find in Beverly Hills.

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