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Mediderm has developed many exclusive formulations for companies all around the world. We have introduced a new instant results concentrate, specifically instant lifting and firming for face and eyes without the need to use egg albumin or animal albumin, new anti-acne products by using Azelaic acid that is water soluble unlike almost all azelaic acid containing products in the market, Mediderm finds it’s way to work with Azelaic acid and formulate water soluble formulation.

The new product gives a new hope for acne prone skin and can be used as OTC; a new Vitamin C product to use for skin aging and repair, the percentage is 52% that is considered one of the highest percentages ever introduced in the world, the closes one is 10-15%, the new technology gives new inexpensive product, white cream that does not oxidize, never changes color, the ever known problem for all formulators with Vitamin C even at very low percentages.

We have introduced a new skin bleaching product with hydroquinone 2% and 4% which are known for its bad oxidation, changing the product color to yellow and brown. Mediderm was able to achieve a good product without changing color. Additionally, Mediderm has researched and introduced a new natural skin bleaching product, Potent Skin Whitening A+, with over 12 skin bleaching agents, using Kojic Acid dipalmitate and Vitamin C which are known for their bad oxidations, changing the product color to yellow and brown. Mediderm was able to achieve a good product without changing colors.

Mediderm has researched and introduced a new skin anti-aging and skin repair product, using anti-MMP concept, by addressing the actual skin repair from deep within, by using some special ingredients that act against the enzymes that degrade collagen and elastin fibers. Mediderm does not believe in topical collagen or elastin, since you can not replace Human collagen with animal or plant collagen, as both have completely different chemical structure, the only way to give good skin repair Developed a new anti-aging skincare products with over 12 anti-aging ingredients, some products are based on the Anti-MMP (Anti-meatrix metaloproteinases), by addressing skin repair and anti-aging the way how skin work and age.

Recently, Mediderm Labs has researched and developed- Patent pending- new skincare injectable patches (FirmoX RS8) based on transdermal delivery system with a reservoir where product itself it stored in the reservoir, these patches are applied directly to skin to induce the effect required. like anti-wrinkle or as a filler, Mediderm Labs is one of very few companies in the U.S. that worked in skin care patches & masks, all types (gel, transdermal delivery, adhesives).

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