Mediderm Laboratories
Who is Mediderm?

Mediderm Laboratories is a personal care and pharmaceutical technology company founded to develop applications utilizing a powerful synergistic combination of herbal, cosmeceutical, and medicinal raw materials as topical skin applications for various skin conditions and treatments. Mediderm Laboratories has built a reputation on the exclusive use of high end and top quality ingredients in its products and pharmaceutical GMP protocols to ensure premium quality, freshness and purity of products. The enhancement of existing consumer products, as well as the reduction of toxicity in other products through the intensive research and development, allows Mediderm Laboratories to be highly sought-after by many market and industry segments. The company’s technology and products are highly beneficial and of global importance.

After 15 years of creating thousands of successful formulations & private label products & OEM for fortune 100 & 500 companies, Mediderm finally released its own brands (Mediderm Rx, Mediderm Rx SPA, nSkin, nanodermiX, Liquid Gold, SkinWrap Masks, BioGel Collagen Masks (over 122 products) with more products & brands coming in 2011.

What are ingredients used in Mediderm brands?

Mediderm developed applications utilizing a powerful synergistic combination of herbal, and medicinal plant extracts with latest Nanotechnology delivery systems as topical skin applications. Their reputation is built on the exclusive use of high end and top quality ingredients in its products and pharmaceutical GMP protocols to ensure premium quality, freshness and purity of products.
Since Mediderm takes an integrative approach to skin care, all of our formulations contain accelerated concentrations of multiple advanced ingredients (patent pending) shown to correct and prevent the visible signs of aging skin and many other skin problems and conditions. Mediderm not only uses the most advanced raw materials from US and Europe but also do invent their own complexes, peptides and actives, a thing that none of other manufacturers are equipped to do, Mediderm is a leader not a follower.
All products on Beauty Beverly Hills consist of the best anti aging secrets you'll find in Beverly Hills.

Why is it special?

Mediderm is known to improve metabolic processes, accelerate tissue regeneration, and stimulate immunity; it mobilizes the body's own defenses to fight infectious illnesses, injuries, and radiation damage; and it helps the body rid itself of toxins, carcinogens, radio-nuclides, heavy metal salts, and other metabolic by-products--all to help you achieve younger looking skin.

When can I expect to see results?

While Mediderm products’ users frequently see immediate improvement in the appearance of their skin, (some ingredients work in seconds) you should use our products as part of your daily regimen and give the active ingredients time to work with your body's natural processes — at least 4-6 weeks. Most users begin to see optimal results after 56 days of continued application, when new skin cells emerge to the surface.

Who uses your products?

Besides a clientele of top Beverly Hills Dermatologist, actors, and models we sell to clients across the world from business executives to housewives. If you've been asking "where can I find face cream of the stars", you've just found it.

Can men also use your product?

Yes, men especially benefit from our products. Many men shave everyday; the Mediderm product line will help to minimize the wear and tear done by razors, one of the many reasons it has become one of the most popular celebrity skin care secrets around.

What is the best age to get started on Mediderm skin care regimen?

It is never too early to help prevent the visible signs of aging or too late to help reduce them. Mediderm brands work by making your skin healthier. At Mediderm, we have seen clinical proof that younger-looking skin can be achieved over time, so the earlier you get started on a skin care regimen, the better. And the longer you stick with your regimen, the better you will look!

Are there any side effects?

No, we have not experienced any complaints of side effects to date. Mediderm products do not contain any known harsh chemicals or toxins, most of our products are paraben free , we believe we will not see any negative side effects. If anyone were to experience side effects with any skin care product, we advise them to stop use immediately.

What happens if I stop using Mediderm products?

No skin care solution can permanently repair skin or change skin structure, so your skin will return to the state it was in prior to using Mediderm products. The only way to ensure continued improvement in your appearance is to apply Mediderm products daily as part of a long-term solution.

Do you provide a money back a guarantee on your products?

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return all used and unused bottles of products within 30-days from the date your order is received for a complete refund of the purchase price.

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